Tamar Ben david - Painter | תמר בן דוד - ציירת

Artist Tamar Ben Deyvid
Over the years studied privately with teacher artists such as David Marko, renowned
among long-established Safed artists, expert on Israeli and international Art.
“ I embraced Pointillism as the main component in my paintings and over time, developed a different Pointillism composed of mixed colors and different sizes of dots and layers”
Today, Tamar paints using other color techniques, most of her subjects coming from Nature and imagination. Her paintings are optimistic, in bold colors.
The process in her art is one of self-reflection, drawing on feelings and transferring
those feelings to the canvas.

Tamar paints mostly with acrylic paints on canvases of different sizes.

Group exhibition
Art Expo, New York 2022

Solo exhibitions:
Efrat Gallery – Tel Aviv
Matte Asher Regional Council Building
“Udies” Brewery – Kfar Giladi

"The artist Tamar Ben David began painting many years ago with my guidance. During  that period she painted in different styles and I told her that there are so many artists using similar styles, she should change direction.

However she insisted that she wanted to continue and put her whole heart into her painting.

Since she is autodidactic and stubborn, she continued until she reached the special style she

paints in today.

Her works are fantasies from life in a style special and unique to her.

An artist full of inspiration who isn’t satisfied until she develops her paintings into true art, I’m

sure she will find her place amongst other fine artists in Israel.

She is already in demand today and I’m sure we will hear a lot about her in the future".

David Marko.